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Inspiring STEM Learning Through Hands-On Classroom Activities
Education July 23, 2021

Students require real-world, hands-on learning to prepare for today’s modern and competitive workforce, with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in high demand. As the job market expands, so does the need to ensure that students demonstrate competence in STEM concepts.

Research conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that jobs in STEM fields will grow by 8% on average over the remainder of the decade, with certain careers in information technology (IT) and computer science growing at rates up to 31%.

The STEM Careers Coalition (SCC) is a first-of-its-kind national STEM initiative to help spark interest in fun and engaging ways, recognizing that inspiring kids to explore science and technology begins in the early years, by:

  • Providing educational content to students about local and global issues in STEM that will impact them in their lifetime.
  • Connecting students to industry leaders in the STEM community.
  • Showing the implementation and practical uses of the topic in the workspace.
  • Instructing students how to build at-home experiments relevant to the subject that are both educational and entertaining.

We all benefit as a society when we empower our young people to grow into strong citizens who have the skills and passion to make societal advancements through innovation.

To learn more, check out these hands-on STEM resources that can be integrated into classrooms to help inspire students.

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