Smart networked LED street lighting can

cut energy and operations costs by 50 percent or more,

reduce CO2 emissions, and help pave the way to smarter cities.

Source: R20: Regions of Climate Action
Without electricity, life as we know it would come to a standstill. But the way we generate and consume electricity is taking a toll on our planet.  The more we understand about the impact of our energy decisions and the potential solutions, the more power we have over energy.
We can do better.

What we’re up against:

IMPACT: The Consequences of Civilization

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How to get Power Over Energy:


Transforming Our Urban Spaces

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A Sustainable Path Forward

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Clean Energy Breakthroughs

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Why Less Really is More

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In the News

Solar employs more workers than coal, oil and natural gas combined

January 22nd, 2017|Comments Off on Solar employs more workers than coal, oil and natural gas combined

U.S. solar employs more workers than any other energy industry, including coal, oil and natural gas combined, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's second annual U.S. Energy and Employment Report.

100 percent of Dutch electric trains now run on wind energy

January 11th, 2017|0 Comments

PEACE TRAIN: The Netherlands now runs all of its trains on wind energy, meeting a goal to transition to 100 percent renewable energy a year ahead of schedule.

3 benefits a smart city can gain from smart infrastructure

December 30th, 2016|0 Comments

CITY SMARTS: When properly built, tomorrow's smart city projects can provide greater sustainability and better community cohesion. Learn more @ ReadWrite

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