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Solar canopies that supply electricity, create shade, and filter rainwater
Innovation December 6, 2017

Solar carports, which provide shaded parking areas while harvesting clean energy from the sun, are becoming increasingly more prevalent at schools and businesses looking to offset their energy costs.

Now a pair of Indian entrepreneurs has developed an advanced integrated canopy system that not only offers shade and produces renewable electricity from the sun but goes a step farther and also collects and filters rainwater.

Startup ThinkPhi‘s product is uniquely suited to regions like India that have both high solar exposure and seasonal monsoon rains and could be utilized in a number of different locations, including carports, bus and train stops, and outdoor seating.

The smaller units appear to only have enough solar capacity to run the accompanying LED lighting, with shade and rainwater catchment being the primary benefits of the devices. The larger capacity units are covered in solar panels however, which can generate electricity that could be stored for later use.

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