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Seeing green this holiday season
News December 11, 2019

An enormous amount of energy is generated over the holidays. In America alone,  holiday lights consume more energy than El Salvador does in a year and could power 14 million refrigerators

Instead of being a Grinch and pulling the plug on holiday decorating entirely, there are lots of simple steps we can take to ensure our holiday decor is less of a drain on the planet, like setting your lights on a timer or switching to LED bulbs. For more energy-saving inspiration, check out these evergreen tips from the DOE.

We can’t completely eliminate energy waste during the holidays, but being mindful of our usage habits can help the planet shine a little more brightly this holiday season. And you might even come out of the season with a few extra greenbacks in your pocket.

Remember, do your best, then offset the rest!

  – Happy Holidays from the Power Over Energy team 🙂


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