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Cities are getting smarter about connected lighting
Smart Cities February 1, 2022

Smart lighting systems can help cities reduce costs, cut carbon emissions, and help boost energy efficiency and public safety.

Street lighting is estimated to comprise nearly 40% of a city’s energy consumption, so it’s no wonder cities around the world are getting smarter about it. By replacing existing streetlights with LED-based lamps, utilities and other streetlight operators can cut energy and operations costs by 50% or more.

Smart streetlights can also incorporate sensors that collect and transmit information to help cities monitor and respond to traffic congestion, air quality, crowds, and noise. They can even detect and track available parking spaces. Using smart streetlights, the city of Paris has reduced energy use by 36% over the past eight years as well as helped manage its traffic congestion.

Networked LED street lighting systems can offer cities a chance to maximize low-energy lighting benefits while also improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety by brightening upon approach, which is happening in cities like Copenhagen. And in some locations, these smart networked streetlights have helped reduce crime up to 10 percent.

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