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German court rules cities can ban diesel vehicles to tackle air pollution

German cities just got the green light from a high court to start banning some of the 15 million diesel vehicles currently on city streets as part of an effort to cut air pollution specifically caused by diesel engines. The decision could have far-reaching consequences for the country’s automakers and the diesel technology they promoted for decades as “environmentally friendly.”

2018 Winter Olympic Games powered by wind energy

Windy conditions have been an ongoing issue for Olympic athletes in Pyeongchang and have caused several of the Alpine skiing events to be rescheduled. Those strong winds are also generating clean electricity in nearby wind farms and powering these 2018 Olympic Winter Games. This is part of Pyongchang’s goal to create a sustainable legacy for Gangwon Province and

2017 hottest year on record for world’s oceans

According to a new study by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2017 was the hottest year ever recorded for the world’s oceans. And they aren’t likely to cool anytime soon. Their findings indicate a “long-term warming trend driven by human activities.” Rising ocean temperatures result in less oxygen, which can have harmful consequences like coral reef bleaching and