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2018 Winter Olympic Games powered by wind energy
Renewables February 14, 2018

Windy conditions have been an ongoing issue for Olympic athletes in Pyeongchang and have caused several of the Alpine skiing events to be rescheduled. Those strong winds are also generating clean electricity in nearby wind farms and powering these 2018 Olympic Winter Games. This is part of Pyongchang’s goal to create a sustainable legacy for Gangwon Province and the Republic of Korea after the games are completed.

South Korea plans a gradual reduction in use of coal and nuclear fuel and plans to meet 20 percent of its total electricity consumption with renewables by 2030. South Korea’s first offshore wind project came online on November 17, 2017. Located off the coast of Jeju Island, the Tamra wind farm is comprised of 10 turbines that produce enough power to cover the electricity needs of about 7,000 Korean households.

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