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Seeing is believing: Energy harvesting windows one step closer to reality

Windows that can collect solar energy, called photovoltaic windows, are the next frontier in renewable energy technologies, as they have the potential to significantly increase the surface area of buildings suitable for energy generation without impacting their aesthetics—an important aspect in metropolitan areas. Now researchers at the University of Minnesota and University of Milano-Bicocca are

Blooming solar sunflower follows and collects energy from the sun

The Smartflower POP ground-mounted system produces clean energy right in the backyard via a dual-axis tracking system that keeps its panels oriented directly at the sun throughout the day – and throughout the seasons. This allows it to harvest up to 40% more solar energy over the course of a day than a conventional roof-mounted

Scientists drill deep to harness the awesome energy of volcanoes

Researchers investigating the feasibility of volcano-powered electricity successfully drilled into the core of one in Iceland, reaching a record-breaking depth of nearly 3 miles (4.8 kilometers). Geothermal energy uses the heat trapped beneath the Earth’s surface to generate electricity via steam from natural sources such as geysers, or by drawing water from the hot, high-pressure depths of

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