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Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity. How can we better prepare?
Impact, News, Smart Cities November 4, 2019

Since 1970, disasters worldwide have quadrupled, becoming more frequent and increasingly costly.

A new report from coalition member Itron summarizes key findings from a survey of more than 500 consumer utility ratepayers and 300 utility executives across the United States. Some key findings were that 87% of consumers have been impacted by some type of disaster in the past five years — about 1/3 by extreme wind, extreme temperatures and flooding disasters. Most utilities (71%) feel equipped to handle disasters, but consumers aren’t so sure—only 35% are confident in their utilities’ ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters.

This year’s report also explores technology that can help utilities keep customers powered and connected in the face of extreme weather events.

To learn more about an array of topics relating to disaster preparation, response, and recovery download the 2019 Itron Resourcefulness Insight Report on Disaster Preparedness HERE.



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