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Power Over Energy Share Your Story Winner

The Lopez Family from Northern California!

“During this COVID 19 shelter in place our family of four working and schooling from home had to reset. We made changes for the better, especially in conserving energy.  These are some of the things we accomplished:

  • Keeping lights turned off unless absolutely necessary and task lighting instead of lighting the entire room
  • Using smart power strips to save electricity automatically (everyone’s computers and phones are plugged in more often as we work and school from home. We are also using the power management features on our computers to power down
  • Unplugging the gaming consoles and other plugs when not in use
  • Doing fewer loads of laundry per week now that work clothes, sports uniforms, and work out gear isn’t needed on a daily basis
  • Opening our windows early in the morning to let fresh cool air then close them before the heat hits so we reduce the need for the air conditioner

In general, the information on your website and social media posts is interesting and educational. It inspires me and our family to live greener and cleaner lives. Thanks POE!”

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