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Big oil replacing rigs with wind turbines

Big oil is starting to challenge the biggest utilities in the race to erect wind turbines at sea, which might help drive down costs of wind power. The oil companies have many reasons to move into the industry. They’ve spent decades building oil projects offshore, but that business is winding down in areas where older

Arctic circle could become completely free of sea ice even if global warming limited to two degrees Celsius

The Arctic Ocean could become free of sea ice for the first time in 100,000 years, even if steps are taken to keep global warming to within two degrees Celsius, according to new warnings from scientists. The region has experienced much sharper rises in temperature in recent decades than the rest of the world with temperatures

Zero-carbon home generates income by generating more energy than it uses

A contemporary zero-carbon home in England’s East Sussex runs entirely on clean power and generates more energy than it consumes, bringing in a net income of £2650 ($3,300 USD) per year from solar photovoltaics, solar thermal, and a wood-chip biomass boiler.  Completed in 2011 as a case study, the Lloyd House is a contemporary three-bedroom home that