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Solar canopies that supply electricity, create shade, and filter rainwater

Solar carports, which provide shaded parking areas while harvesting clean energy from the sun, are becoming increasingly more prevalent at schools and businesses looking to offset their energy costs. Now a pair of Indian entrepreneurs has developed an advanced integrated canopy system that not only offers shade and produces renewable electricity from the sun but goes a step farther

Tips for energy efficient laundry

According to ENERGY STAR, almost 90% of the energy consumed by your washing machine is used to heat water. Switching to cold-water clothes washing gets clothes just as clean as hot water, while using less energy and money. Cold-water washing also keeps colors bright, reduces wrinkling and won’t set stains. Here are some more tips to save even

Light-filtering paint that cools buildings when exposed to sunlight

The sun itself could soon become a low-cost air conditioner. An Israeli company is working on a light-filtering paint that can help actively cool buildings using zero electricity. The technology is based on the counterintuitive principle of laser cooling, whereby hitting specially designed materials with a laser can cool them up to 150°C. In hot weather, electricity

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